REVIEW Sirens Of Saturn feat. Delhia De France ‘When You’re Gone (The Drifter Remix)’ [Suara]


Suara’s latest album boasts remixes by the likes of Johannes Brecht, Sirens of Saturn, Dehlia De France, Colin Benders, and The Drifter. Still riding high off of Permanent Vacation’s ‘Space Ramp’, Mark Flynn, AKA The Drifter, clearly intends to end 2017 with a bang. The sure to be dance floor favourite is bright, bold and full of character, adding strength to Suara’s most recent EP.

The track begins slowly, with an introduction that adds to the hype. Then, an audacious, cheeky and unforgettable synth line enters. While original and remix are both upbeat, The Drifter’s reinvention adds a certain swag, a certain bite, if you will. Low, rumbling and scratchy bass notes are the perfect equalizer to the catchy main melody, while small remnants of the original vocals are preserved and then altered, giving the remix a life of its own. The smooth, rounded-edge vocals offset the hard-hitting melody and stab, adding another layer of balance. Short and lengthier breakdowns create tension – a moment of inertia that heightens our lust for the beat. Our cravings are satiated, eventually, and we happily ride the groove until the end.

When You’re Gone‘ feat. Delhia De France (The Drifter Remix) was released on October 30th, 2017, as part of the Maryssa EP on Suara. (Tess)

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