REVIEW Iain Howie ‘Bully’ [Rhombus]

Straight out of Vancouver, and just as young as he looks, Iain Howie is on his way to becoming somewhat of a household name in the underground music scene. With early roots in instruments like the piano and the guitar, the Canadian DJ and producer’s aptitude for music easily shines through. His most recent release, an EP titled ‘Fleur’, was put out by Vancouver/Berlin based record label ‘Rhombus’, the same label that released his debut EP ‘Awake’. A label near and dear to his heart, Howie’s EP is their first ever vinyl release.

The track’s introduction is that of a not so timid rhythm. Employing a multitude of instruments and sounds, no doubt live if we know anything about Howie, one immediately feels a warmth and comfort that can be associated with the acoustic touch. Pleasantly rounded synth notes bubble into a raised crescendo, then break again, in sequence. Despite the track’s title, it’s tempo is rather forward-moving, not so stagnant and melancholy as one might suspect. If you haven’t been won over yet, your mind will surely be made up once the vocals have been introduced. Drudgingly drawn out over many bars, the lulling lyrics pull on the slightly hurried rhythm and balance is found. Perfect for reflection on a dreary day in Vancouver, Bully is, quite honestly, a break in the storm.

Iain Howie’s track ‘Bully’ from the EP ‘Fleur’ was released digitally on October 23rd, 2017 on Rhombus.

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