REVIEW Hundreds ‘Un-Unify (Mano Le Tough Remix)’ [Embassy of Music]

With a penchant for the extra-ordinary, for sounds and melodies that stray just off the path most travelled, Maeve main man, Mano Le Tough delivers once more. He’s tried his hand at the Electro-pop duo, Hundreds original ‘Un-Unify’, and the results are a minimal reinvention that still preserves the ‘hum’ of the original.

A techno beat starts us off, becoming the solid framework upon which the track unfolds. After this brief prelude, industrial sounds clash, and then echo into the background as perfectly harmonized, soothing vocals hum. Wobbly, undulating, faintly heard bass notes snake and tendril in the low, unoccupied regions of the tonal spectrum, while soprano, ultra-altered vocals resonate. At the highest culmination of the track, scratchy, or screechy, synth notes fall in sequence, and the telltale ‘hum’ of the track drops a few octaves, bringing us to a slight pause. A few more vocal manipulations, and synthesizer vibrations later, and the final showstopper enters – an open and closing off-beat ‘tic-tock’ that marks the postlude to this dazzling track.

Mano Le Tough’s remix of Hundreds ‘Un-Unify’ was released on October 16th, 2017 on Embassy of Music. (Tess)

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