PREMIERE Boot Slap & Thodoris Trianafillou ‘Pillow Flight’ [Connaisseur Recordings]

Berlin based DJ and live duo Boot Slap teamed up with Thodoris Trianafillou for Connaisseur’s latest EP ‘Pillow Flight’. The title track starts ‘in media res’, which means it gives its listeners a catchy synth chord from the start while other elements either take a subordinate role in the course of the track or play a primary role. Either way the diverse synth chords and sounds harmonize through out the track. And even though some just provide as connecting elements for the saxophone to shine, ‘Pillow Flight’ manages to be one of these tracks that comes along with a musical understatement and thereby gains its strength to remain in its listener’s mind.

Boot Slap’s and Thodoris Trianafillou’s EP ‘Pillow Flight’ will be out October 16th, 2017 on Connaisseur Recordings.


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