PREMIERE Max Doblhoff ft. Idd Aziz ‘Saba Bo (Floyd Lavine Remix)’ [MoBlack Records]

With his highly acclaimed release ‘Masala’, which was out on RISE, Floyd Lavine rose standards for future productions. Fortunately the Berlin resident and South Africa born artist fulfills these demands with his latest remix for Max Doblhoff’s track ‘Saba Bo’ that will be out October 6th on MoBlack Records. Floyd’s approach to the original starts off with an almost techno-ish bass line that loses no time to soak up its listeners and take them on a seven minute ride. The bass line is then softened with additionally percussive elements that set the base for the following process of the track, which is determined by eclectic synth sounds and Idd Aziz’s vocals. Floyd manages that neither the instrumental nor the vocal pre-dominate his remix, but rather make a harmonic pact with each other for a higher cause called music.

Max Doblhoff’s Saba Bo Remixes will be out October 6th, 2017 on MoBlack Records. (Holger)

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