REVIEW Red Axes ‘The Beach Goths’ [Garzen Records]

From hard rock to dance-floor music, the Tel-Aviv based duo, Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, widely known as Red Axes, stand out as eclectic DJs and sophisticated producers. With The Beach Goths’, the first album released on their own label, Garzen Records, Red Axes deliver twelve unpredictable tracks that evoke dark and tropical vibes. ‘The Beach Goths’ incorporates unconventional record techniques, gathered from several music styles – from psychedelic punk and hard rock, to mystical and exotic, from classical instrumental melodies to disco and dance floor tunes.

The first track, ‘Ride the Sus’ (Ride the Horse), starts off on a groovy psychedelic journey. Followed by the esoteric, percussion-driven ‘Tantram Power’, livened up by classical and exotic instruments enriched with an eclectic baseline. The soft rock ballad, ‘What is in your head’, emerges between the sound of disco tambourines and dreamy vocals. Reminiscent of the Beatles, this track has an ability to rock’n’roll the minds of its listeners. ‘Piper Work’ features one of Red Axes’ favorite vocalists, Abrao, whose impactful vocals are accompanied by rumbling drums and a melodic synth.’Tarzan Blues’, a head-spinner, is an artful revisit to old school rock n’ roll and disco styles and is followed by ‘Relaxation’ which comes as a raw and raucous garage rock tune, laden with sirens and buzzing sounds.

‘The Beach Goths’ continues with ‘Coocked Banana’, a collaboration between Red Axes, Argentinian producer Thomas Jackson and Mexican Inigo Vontier, and thrives off a fusion of rhythms. With ‘Shlomit’ Red Axes pay tribute to an old classical Israeli song that is originally called ‘Hayde Shlomit’ and is played during the festivities of Sukkoth, one of the three most important Pilgrimage Hebrew festivals.

The fluid track, ‘Loosen’ includes softly sang vocals, that evoke a feeling of freedom, horizons and sunsets. The track is followed by ‘Shir 1’, sure to be a dancefloor hit, that evolves through a controlled but explosive build-up.

Talmood’, is a biblical electronic presentation which portrays a distinct and mystical sound that emerges from the Israeli culture. The track meets a percussive pause leading one to enjoy some psychedelic Babylonian elements. Red Axes’ album is concluded with ‘Into Your arms’, a collaborative project with vocalist Adi Bonicki – characterized by soft melodies, and some stark synths.

The Beach Goths’ is a condensed musical biography of the Israeli duo, which reflects their talents and penchant for embracing deep and soulful music. The different styles gathered together in it show their unique style in the most innovative way hence not forgetting their musical roots.

Red Axes’ ‘The Beach Goths’ was released August 11th, 2017 on Garzen Records. (Pao Vizcaino)

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