REVIEW Jimpster ‘Step By Step’ [SUOL]

Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur labels-owner Jamie Odell has been around for quite a while – a well-traveled Londoner, highly-acclaimed, frequently-worshipped – pretty much what it takes to be able to produce and release – a jaunty and self-confident track. ‘Step By Step’ elevates as it agitates, however in an artful, orchestrated manner, a style that metamorphoses only through exposure to a gamut of genres, and influences, and essentially, from being around long enough.

Starting off tropical in a build-up that may be a bit too lengthy, Jimpster retrieves momentum by subtly injecting synthetic sounds, climaxing in short, sharp jabs, which lead into elongated sirens. Just when the voltaic sounds get a little extraterrestrial for comfort, the track begins to temper itself into a steadier, more humane pace. Something familiar, not quite primal, percussion, drums, some bass, an air of jazz are heard. Come faint vocal undertones, overpowered by pelagic reverberation. At this point, Jimpster’s sophisticated handle on ‘chaos’, cannot be challenged. He takes the track to extremes, and unforgivingly declutters until the incongruities can coexist, almost eerily, in harmony – and we have a track pulsed at 125 BPM, and tuned at C-minor.

‘Step By Step’ is a compound of various elements, both organic and synthetic cadences, that through an erratic ebb-and-flow, matures into an intricate mass of conjunctions. Perhaps this is a reflection of Odell’s development and evolution through the ever changing climates of electronic music. Over two decades in the game – remixing a wide array of tracks from Bob Marley’s ‘400 Years’ to Delano Smith’s ‘A Message for the DJ’, getting remixed and played out by artists that come from various electronic music genres, producing tracks that hit all far corners of the clubber’s world, spinning in both mainstream and underground clubs worldwide – could be what allows for Jimpster’s diversity and rebellion. This is also why this track, in laymen’s words, simply works.

‘Step By Step’ is a whirlwind, capable of setting fires on the dancefloor = expect fiercer fist-pumping, more limber hips-swaying.

‘Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt.3’ including Jimpster’s track ‘Step By Step’ will be out September 1st, 2017 on SUOL. (Marie J Floro)

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