ART:CAST #14 by Lazaros

It’s quite difficult to describe Lazaros in terms of music since the Cologne based DJ and producer has more to offer than just his releases on labels such as Sum Over Histories, KX or Nautilus Rising. Lazaros always strives for the big picture and won’t settle for less, working out the details no one could name or realize in the first place when listening to his music, but add a deepness to his music that is hard to find nowadays. Surely his latest contribution for Torture the Artist’s art:cast series can be seen as a standalone and outstanding mix, but for Lazaros music is more as it is for Torture the Artist. Lazo, how close friends call Lazaros, delivers a composition with this art:cast, something that goes beyond deep, something that might be hard to put into words, something that you get lost in and you don’t want to give a name, because it is a moment you share in art.


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