REVIEW PHCK ‘Death Of A Butterfly’ [All Day I Dream]

PHCK have had a busy year releasing a multitude of original tracks and remixes. Regardless of quantity, the duo’s talents shine through in all their creations. Their latest original, Death of a Butterfly has been included in All Day I Dream’s Summer Sampler.

The pleasing chord progression, half ominous, half hopeful, opens the track ambiguously, laying the groundwork for anything to come. The simple percussion maintains the air of indecisiveness for a few more measures, but the flitting synth notes pushes it over the edge.

While the track may begin with a simple beauty, its apex is anything but. Evoking the heartfelt voice only a cello can produce, coupled with warm keys and a perfect balance of electronic influence, the track dances the line between uplifting and sad, invigorating and melancholic, serene and troubled. But while there is some room for interpretation regarding the tracks tone, there is none regarding it’s quality – it is a well-crafted masterpiece.

PHCK’s ‘Death of a Butterfly’ was released on June 16th, 2017 by All Day I Dream.

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