REVIEW Daphni ‘Tin’ [Jiaolong]

Canadian DJ and producer, Daphni, also known as Caribou, will release a 27-track album for the fabriclive series. After teasing his fans with a new track called ‘Face to Face’, his first in over one year, some weeks ago, Daphni recently released the summer-anthem ’Tin’ that will also be part of his fabriclive album.

With a crunchy beat, driving tempo and housey vocals this track is sure to set dance floors on fire. It begins with a hollow drum rhythm that sets the tone for the upbeat hit. The track is broken apart by a brief interlude absent of treble melodies and vocals, where the hollow, and tinny drums are showcased. All in all, the vocals give it a summer feel, and the repeating synth notes, a dancey one.

Daphni’s ‘Tin’ was released on Jiaolong on May 23rd, 2017.

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