REVIEW Cosime ‘Fyr (Maarten Mittendorff Mixes)’ [Nous’klaer Audio]

With an impressive list of releases from Nous’klaer audio, it’s no surprise that Maarten Mittendorff’s remix is no different. The Holland born DJ and producer has tried his hand at the Cosime original and with great success.

At a moderate tempo, Auro unfolds. On top of a minimal backdrop of rhythm and bass, the continuous accordion-like synth melody, or glue of the track, begins. It pulses outward, tunneling out with great strength, but it always tapers in as if something is trying to control the energy, and life, associated with it. The percussion increases and with it comes a sense of urgency. Doubling the kicks and adding an offbeat rhythm aligns the tempo with the fast-paced melody. Faster than they were introduced, almost every element is withdrawn, and we are left with nothing but the backbone of something wonderful.

Darker, yes, but no less beautiful, Radia is a simple reminder to appreciate things in all their forms. While Nous’klaer has preserved some features from the first edit, this version is clearly of different mind. Although it may not contain the wistful and affectionate synth melody, or it’s light percussion and bass, it is no less worthy of praise. The full and tremulous bass notes dig under your layers and the harmonies speak to your soul. The fast kicks and stuttering drum rhythms quicken your heartbeat, while the soft synth pads slow it back down again. (Tess)

Maarten Mittendorff’s remix of Cosime’s ‘Fyr’ was released on Nous’klaer Audio on June 1st, 2017.

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