PREMIERE Mr. ID ‘Salat Ala Nabina (Nandu Remix)’ [Offering Recordings]

Danish producer Nandu shares his interpretation of Mr. ID’s track ‘Salat Ala Nabina’ that is a blessing for the dance floors as Nandu understands how to rework the benediction and blends the Arabic vocals with a percussive and dark appearing instrumental. Starting off rather minimalistic with fragments of the vocal put over a dull baseline, Nandu’s version builds up slowly. While the first break introduces us to the benediction, it is the second break of the track that is groundbreaking. As soon as the Moog Mother-32 is played not only a darker touch is added to the track, but an element that comes unexpected yet has so much class that it takes Nandu’s remix on another level.

Mr. ID’s EP ‘Salat Ala Nabina’ including remixes by Nandu, PHCK and Sifa will be out on Offering Recordings on April 21st.

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