REVIEW Eagles & Butterflies ‘Art Imitating Life Vol. 2’ [Art Imitating Life]

No longer an up-and-comer, the Eagles & Butterflies of today is fully established in the electronic music scene. With close ties to the underground’s biggest players, the DJ and producer has surely just begun his longstanding career.
This is the second volume released by his record label, Art Imitating Life, featuring Experiments E through H. Released on March 17th, it has already taken the dance world by storm. The tracks have a noticeably more up-beat and dance-like feel, making this collection very different from its first installment. All four experiments feature one predominant musical element – whether it’s the drone rhythm in Experiment F, or the bongo solo in Experiment H, their inclusion becomes a unifying theme throughout the EP.
Nestled between well-known tracks like Experiment H and E is a one that deserves a careful listen, and that is Experiment G. It begins with a galloping rhythm, on which the synthesizer motive rides. The closer it gets, the clearer it becomes. Shakers and keys enter simultaneously, gathering intensity beneath the motive. E&B plays with ambient sounds, filling it with grungy, crunchy noises. Just when all track elements seem to be present, it is stripped back down to the rhythm and motive. But now we’ve already had a taste and this hunger is satisfied only when all elements return in full force, only this time, with an altered key melody. It is big, it is dark, and it is deep, proving to be the perfect balance to the repeating soprano motive. (Tess)
Eagles & Butterflies ‘Art Imitating Life Vol. 2’ was released on March 17th, 2017 on Art Imitating Life.

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