REVIEW Rondo Mo ‘Overflow (Gardens of God Remix)’ [Fayer]

Echoing melodies coupled with eerie and distorted vocals, Gardens of God makes one feel as if they were in the hollow of some alternate, dark world. Out on Fayer records as of March 17th, the Lithuanian producer successfully catches the essence of the indie original, and blends it with his electronic roots.
The track begins with a chromatic and dissonant cluster chord that sets an uncomfortable tone. A pulsing siren rings overhead while various drums fill in the remaining space. We don’t have to brave this world alone, however, as evident by the echoing voices from afar, but the obvious distortions of these voices confirm we are nowhere familiar. Finally, warm, drawn out horns add a sweet harmony that attempts to put us at ease.
Emphasis on the first and third beat makes the tempo drag, and the slow claps add to this laggey feeling. The suspension of the beat before the breakdown causes our feelings of anxiety to resurface, but they all dissolve when the monstrous, static-like bass line enters. (Tess)
Gardens of God’s remix of Rondo Mo’s ‘Overflow’ is released on March 17th, 2017 on Fayer.

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