REVIEW Joakim ‘On The Beach (Superpitcher Remix)’ [Crowdspacer / Hippie Dance]


After three long years the music community will finally be able to get their hands on the elusive ‘Joakim – On the Beach (Superpitcher Remix)’. Out on Crowdspacer / Hippie Dance, the track has resurfaced in sets around the world. Although it bears no musical resemblance to the Neil Young original, Superpitcher does further explore the themes discussed in the lyrics through carefully thought out instrumentation. Through the employment of tonal dissonance and distorted vocals, Superpitcher manipulates the listener’s emotions by way of the senses, ensuring a state altering musical experience.

Behind the euphonic vocals and bass line the combination of tone clusters (multiple adjacent tones) and a soundscape of white noise create a harsh cacophony that almost irks the listener. The twisted vocals, almost an off-tone chant, heighten the eerie feel and the tone bending of the synth line only adds to the discomfort. And if the music hasn’t adequately set the stage for these sombre feelings, the vocals confirm it when the paranoid inner monologue catastrophizes about worst-case scenarios and succumbs to anxiety about life and fame. But despite all of the melodic and lyrical aspects that contribute to the feeling of angst, the perfect harmonies of the main melodic lines are so pleasing that we are always at ease. (Tess)

Joakim ‘On the Beach (Superpitcher Remix)’ is out on February 20th, 2017 on Crowdspacer / Hippie Dance.