REVIEW Alex Niggemann feat. The Shadow Self ‘Hurricane EP’ [Balance Music]

The six-track ‘Hurricane EP’ – forthcoming on Melbourne based record label, Balance – gives a platform to Alex Niggemann’s alter ego, The Shadow Self. In addition to vocals by Fabian Kuss, the collection includes remixes by heavyweights Deetron and Denis Horvat.

Swiss DJ and producer Deetron’s use of psychedelic vocals and video game-like arpeggios gives this dub version of the title track, ‘Hurricane’, a strong electro-pop feel. All elements are introduced consecutively, and this staggered effect contributes to its increasing momentum. The catchy vocals are heard within the first few seconds, and continue, echoing throughout. As the upward-moving arpeggio pattern establishes itself, one almost feels transported to a higher state, but the low register bass quickly grounds you. From there, the bass line is a comfortable ride until the end.

‘Silhouettes & Sparks’ begins with elongated legato vocals that extend over many bars, creating the illusion of a slower tempo. This deception is not maintained for long, however, because as the rumbling 32nd note bass progressively builds up in volume, it essentially speeds up the track. Once all vocal and melodic lines have seemed to reach their full dynamic potential, Denmark born Denis Horvat alters the bass line with acid elements, creating the ultimate crescendo. In the final moments, the vocals taper off while the bass line continues, uninterrupted.

The ‘Hurricane EP’, which includes singles ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Silhouettes & Sparks’, will be released on February 3rd, 2017, on Balance. (Tess)

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