PREMIERE Corinda & Afrotura ‘Aso (Dub)’ [Offering Recordings]

Corinda, Rancido‘s moniker for deeply influenced African music, and Afrotura make their appearance to the scene with a homage to rhythm-based deeply rooted House music that goes back to the origins of mankind. A subtle snare followed by an echoing and therefore sustained synth sound enriched with a tweet, mark the start of Corinda‘s and Afrotura‘s track ‘Aso‘. Within duration the track smoothly resorts to drum-pattern after drum-pattern that enfold an impact of an everlasting rhythmical march through the rain forest throughout the end, leaving a huge statement of what Afro-House tunes shall consist of: drums and a catchy yet spheric soundscape.

Corinda & Afrotura‘s EP ‘Aso‘ will be out on Offering Recordings February 10th.

Artist & Label information:
Corinda / Rancido:
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