EXCLUSIVE Sunaas ‘Funky Blaster’ [Fancy Footwork]

Fancy Footwork is the sub-label of London-based French collective E.S.P Records, who introduce the world to their newly found label with which they want to explore and bring the 90s (rave moments) closer to their audience. The start or rather the starting package comes from Benjamin Nassau, who most people know under his artist moniker Sunaas. The Parisian producer comes in with a four tracker covering the initially mentioned musical approach Fancy Footwork takes and delivers four cuts, which vary between Breaks and 90s House/ Rave influences. But however one wants to categorize the release the four tracker remains what it means to be: a dancefloor weapon. The B1 Funky Blaster therefore is no exception and explores the more break-esque side of music including (genre-typical) HipHop elements and catchy chord-sequences with a slightly bleepy sub-note. Basically Funky Blaster contains and combines all elements for a funky night out in the club dancing yourself away in the “beat of the moment”.

Sunaas’ EP Brotha System is out on Fancy Footwork.

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