Berliner by choice and Mancunian by heart it’s SY who comes in with a blossoming spring chart for Torture the Artist delivering the goodies for a sensational night out. Musically switching back and forth between deep vibes, classic House tunes and/or 90s infused tracks Simon, SY’s real name, definitely knows what’s good on the ones and twos. With latter being said, SY has proven it with any of his own releases on labels like RAWAX or on his very own label E&X Records before but also has the ability to musically think outside the box and sign those gems. 

  1. SIKRET – Long Enough [no label]
  2. Tom Frankel – Obvious Choice (Revivis Remix) [E&X Records]
  3. Alex Neri – It’s All About Love [Slowlife]
  4. SY – Inside [no label]
  5. Fantastic Man – Beyond Control [Superconsious Records]
  6. Aldonna – Divine Time (Cromby Remix) [Sex Tape From Mars]
  7. Unknown – Santo Tomas Edits 001 [no label]
  8. Team Deep – Morning Light (SY’s First Light Rework) [No Label]
  9. Abdul Raeva – Invasive Overdrive Track [A Lifetime On The Hips]
  10. Lone Saxon – Raised By The Island (Running Hot Remix) [Balearic Ensemble]

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