EXCLUSIVE Venetia ‘The Night’ [Silias Records]

With his music featured on labels such as Binary Sound, LDE Records, Flagrance Records or Senary French producer Venetia now makes his first outing on Silias Records’ second catalogue number, a four-track comprising various artist EP called Silias & Friends 001. Just like the first release the label delivers four well-chosen cuts that need to be spread and can either be enjoyed loudly at home or over a club’s sound-system. The B2, Venetia’s take The Night, is an Electro-banger par excellence combining the genre-typical creaking bassline with robotic vocals and a short almost balearic-seeming sequence with an e-guitar-influence make it sound as if Daft Punk returned for a minute to break up the floor and bring back those 90 Electro/House-vibes we’ve been craving for ever since we first heard them.

Silias & Friends 001 is out on Silias Records.

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