EXCLUSIVE Kellit ‘Back To The House’ [DOBRO]

Kellit‘s LP Back To The House is simply a homage to House Music in all its beauty and positivity. The UK-based artist delivers seven original tracks as the LP-opener Temp 4 and Little Bit More House get the remix treatment from Digital Ivan respectively Vertigini to complete the package. However, it’s Back To The House that we’d like to draw attention to – a piano driven House track that has it all to be played out over the summer as it spreads nothing but those positive 90s House vibes. Back To The House sounds so familiar as if Clubheroes’ Da Lost Piano-track was slowed down to make sense in the House- rather than in a Rave-context, yet the track manages to transport this infinite euphoria from the latter and combines it with he coolness that comes with the genre. If you’ve waited for your dose of happiness, Kellit takes you back to the house in the most classy way.

Kellit’s Back To The House LP is out on DOBRO.

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