EXCLUSIVE Tom Frankel ‘Obvious Choice’ [E&X Records]

Tom Frankel has been releasing versatile music on labels Shall Not Fade, Oleeva, Music Related and his own imprint Shellers. Aside from own production Frankel is part of the duo Frankel and Harper releasing Garage with a modern groove and twist on their common label Council Worx. For his latest solo-release Frankel delivers three original tracks for SY’s E&X Records exploring musical deeper and progressive territories yet showing the more melodic and softer side of his producer-nature. The EP’s title track Obvious Choice is a break-esque proggy House tune with catchy pads and slightly broken beats that give a hint to uptempo progressive pieces from the noughties. Basically a track that is, as the track title suggests, an obvious choice for a club-set as it skillfully guides dancers to and on the dancefloor.

Tom Frankel’s EP Obvious Choice is out on E&X Records on March 8th 2023.

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