SUBWAX DISTRIBUTION TOP10 – 02/2023 selected by Baldo

After a little but well-deserved holiday Baldo is back with his monthly Subwax Distribution Top10 on Torture the Artist, cherry-picking the ten hottest and personal favorites from the Subwax-catalogue. 

  1. Kepler – Feel The Rhythm [Planet Orange Records]
  2. Youandewan – Galaxy Chicken [Mindhelmet]
  3. Josh Baker – Just Act Normal [You&Me Records]
  4. Will Do – Weird Genetic [Melcure]
  5. Boulderhead – Bread, Butter, Noodles Spice (feat. Overnite Oates) [Limousine Dream]
  6. Prince de Takicardle – Sun Aura (Orbiting Mix) [Sticky Plastik]
  7. Crowd Control – Pianorama [Happiness Therapy]
  8. Velvet Velour – Hard 2 Explain [Butter Side Up]
  9. Funktroid – Born Free [YA.R Records]
  10. Sound Synthesis – Transfer Your Energy [Distrito 91]

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