EXCLUSIVE Ketiov ‘Gorgeous’ [Ketiov]

Residing in Madrid it is Polish House ambassador Voitek Taranczuk delivering the seventh outing (and second edit edition) of his label, which he started back in 2022 under his solo artist moniker Ketiov. Voitek, who many know due to his participation as infamous House-duo Catz ‘n Dogz (formerly 3 Channels), has treasured his solo-project and aside from his own edit series also released a solo EP on Gerd Janson’s Running Back label. After a hiatus he now puts out new (housey) material on the label, namely four edits that cover the pureness of electronic music’s main-genres: House and Disco. The A1, Gorgeous, is the sweet (door) opener of the EP but also provides listeners to dive deeper into the New York-influenced House-sound with a slightly percussive bassline as well as deep chords and vocal-samples. Rich in sounds and harmonious in its composition Ketiov delivers and absolutely classy tune made for intimate club moments.

Ketiov’s Gorgeous will be released soon.

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