REVIEW Donald’s House ‘Bassian Plain EP’ [Touch From A Distance]

For the ninth outing on Nick Höppner’s label, Touch From A Distance, the returning Aussie-based brothers Peter and James Isaacs, aka Donald’s House, demand your attention with two driven originals and a remix from man-of-the-moment, Alex Kassian.

Opening the release is the title track, kicking in with immediate impact through a throbbing solo bassline, which is soon accompanied by a heavy, but always warm, combo of old-school-influenced percussion, searing pads and synths. Just as you are feeling settled into the groove, the track takes a wicked turn and some excellent acid rears its gnarly head, giving the final section of the track a massive boost. As with many releases over the last year or two, this has some very cool echoes to tracks from 25+ years ago, but is kept very much in the ‘now’ and in fine style too. 

There is more Acid to be found via The Isthmus Of Kra which is, quite simply, a brilliantly executed acid house outing, no two ways about it. While the bubbling acid line may be the main underpinning feature of the track, the bleepy synth additions and stabby riffs that join the party as the track moves along all add to the vibe. And what a vibe! Pure class from start to finish. 

Closing the EP is Alex Kassian, whose remix of Bassian Plain gives the BPM a nudge upwards, sticking quite closely to the spirit of the original version, but dropping the acid from his remix and instead focusing on a smoother, deeper, but faster workout. It’s a great version too, as it glides along with each element of the track leaping out of the speakers with real glimmer.

Overall Donald’s House deliver a superb EP, an excellent example of two spot-on original tracks and a remixer who pays absolute respect to the track they are reworking, while still adding their personal twist and making it their own. Excellent work all round. 

Donald’s House’s Bassian Plain EP is available via Touch From A Distance.

Words by Al Bradley   

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