EXCLUSIVE Dynasty of Dreams ‘The Cherokees’ [Luzerna Records]

Marseilles’s tech-wizard Magic Doz launches his label Luzerna Records with a double vinyl from Dynasty of Dreams, who tells a Native American adventure between a Cowboy and The Cherokees princess in ten chapters with his musical novel A Wild West Story. With influences from Breaks, a highly doze of percussions, catchy pads as well as the adding of instruments like the guitar or the piano the LP creates a vintage yet authentic feel that takes the listener deeper into its story with each track being played and adding up. The B2, The Cherokees, is built around the quills and probably the most traditional take on the EP. However, the quills and the non-organic sounds form the perfect symbiosis between old and new taking listeners and dancers alike on a journey to The Wild Wild West.

Dynasty of Dreams’ A Wild West Story LP will be released on Luzerna Records on November 15th, 2022.

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