EXCLUSIVE Mano Le Tough ‘Kakooja’ [Live At Robert Johnson]

It’s an Irish-man in Rhine-Main, it’s Mano Le Tough on Live At Robert Johnson. After EPs, LPs and single contributions to labels like Permanent Vacation, Maeve or Pampa Niall Mannion, Mano Le Tough’s real name, delivers his debut EP, Holographic Witness, on the prestigious LARJ-imprint. In total musical dedication, a devotion to sounds and strains of pure deepness with a dreamy touch, a nuance in Mano’s tracks he’s become acquainted with, the artist weaves his way through and around stabbing synths and pads to create musical pieces for eternity or as long people can hear. Speaking of the before mentioned characteristics, it’s the B1 of the EP, namely Kakooja that catches one’s attention as the track contains everything a musical piece needs to be remembered as classy. Despite or for this very reason the floating or repetitive chord-arrangement of Kakooja – not sure if the title is a reference to Tokyo Ghoul – the track lures one into its vibe with its hypnotically seeming cleverly merged soundscapes that highlight the momentum it creates from start to finish.

Mano Le Tough’s EP Holographic Witness will be released on Live At Robert Johnson on September 9th, 2022.

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