REVIEW Man/ipulate ‘Energy (Alex Kassian’s Ode To Sunshine Mix)’ [Certain Music]

Spain’s Certain Music label delivers a new EP, courtesy of the Eternity EP from Frenchman Man/ipulate, who has recently released on labels such as Shinsei or OPIA. His latest EP on Certain Music features a remix from Paramida’s Love On The Rocks favorite, namely Alex Kassian, who comes up with his Ode To Sunshine Mix of the EP title track or the slice of stabby goodness that’s under the spotlight here.

It’s safe to say that Alex has been immersing himself in the sounds of the early 90s; his Ode To Sunshine Mix rattles along at a nifty pace, early rave-influenced drums are the undercurrent, with a chuggy low bassline and a topping of – you may have guessed it – 90s-influenced synths and stabs, all rising up to the sun, as the remix title gives a nod to. Interwoven into the hooky sounds are some vocal snippets, hinting that this is a “cool dance” and there’s no escaping that’s exactly what this track is. With the current trend for looking back, but merging with modern styles, this is one of those tracks that could be 30 years old or, as in this case, brand-spanking new. Even the artwork on the vinyl hints back to somewhat simpler days and this remix fits in perfectly with that ethos. 

It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s got its hands firmly in the air. Sunshine vibes for fun in the sun and let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a bit of that? Just remember to slap on some factor 30.

Man/ipulate’s Eternity EP featuring Alex Kassian’s Ode To Sunshine Mix was released on Certain Music on June 17th, 2022.

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