EXCLUSIVE Tape Hiss ‘Scirocco’ [Alzaya]

Italian boutique label Alzaya kickstarts its year with five fresh new takes on the label’s first various artist EP ever and seemingly the beginning of a new series on the label. Known for their carefully chosen artists and tracks, Alzaya continues to walk this path with the their Various Artists 001 delivering music in the label’s signature style, meaning Disco-esque moments meet Deep House to kiss the floor awake. Brooklyn-based producer Aaron Seth Vaslow, better known under his Tape Hiss moniker, delivers a dreamy, almost Balearic House track that’s bubbling over with emotions sweeping over the floor like the track’s name Scirocco, which could be both: a reference to the car or the wind coming from the Sahara. Whatever, it may be, the feel-good vibes on Tape Hiss track are inevitable, catchy and foremost an allegory of harmony.

Alzaya’s VA 001 will be released on July 1st, 2022.

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