REVIEW Audio Analysts ‘7 Peaks’ [Analytic Records]

Launching a new label is never easy, so it always helps when a troop of heavyweights are jostling behind the scenes, queuing up to appear on future releases. Such is the case with Analytic Records, which boasts the heady mix of John Tejada, Clive Henry, Colin Dale, Funk D’Void or Terry Farley in the pipeline, to name-drop just a few of the upcoming artists. There’s plenty of time for those guys to make their appearances though; first-up, let’s have a closer look at the label’s debut release, courtesy of the label owners, Audio Analysts, who serve up their sumptuous deep outing 7 Peaks, backed with a couple of hefty remixes from Terry Francis (more heavyweight action) and the blossoming talent that is Mica (UK), proving that the label is keen to meld both established and upcoming talent, something that is approved wholeheartedly. 

The original version bubbles along with clicky percussion and stabby bass hits, trippy and eerie sounds coming in and out of the track as it flows along, before a lovely wiggly Acid section rears its head after the break; superbly deep and pulsating! 

Terry Francis flexes his low-end Tech muscles over 10 minutes on both his mixes; there’s not a huge difference between his Main and Dub mixes, slight subtle alterations in the use of sounds and the flow, but both are examples of how to allow a track to develop in a pure hypnotic fashion, with both cuts allowing the sounds to gradually add over the tracks’ durations, creating two real head-swimmingly brilliant ‘lights down low’ versions, whichever you choose to opt for. 

Last on the release, but by no means least, Mica (UK) strips things right back to a very low-end bothering, bleepy, Acid-stabbed remix, which is an absolute treat and has a near-perfect balance of swing in the beats and rumble in the bass, with the warmth coming into the track via some deep keys later on – this is an absolute beauty to round off a sterling debut outing on the label. 

Audio Analysts’s 7 Peaks EP will be released on Analytic Records on April 1st, 2022.

Words by Al Bradley

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