EXCLUSIVE Eren Erdol – A Night Cloud (Baldo 90s Garage Mix) [Petra]

Barcelona-based artists Eren Erdol and Baldo celebrate their musical returns. While it’s already Eren Erdol’s fifth outing on his Petra-label, Baldo makes his first appearance on it with a rework of Eren’s track A Night Cloud but generally returns to the scene with some new music after releases last year on STEP Recordings and Gerd Janson’s Running Back. Baldo’s version of A Night Cloud, a 90s Garage Mix, takes the listener back these days when deeper sounds were paired with Acid-lines and created mad dance floor moments in the scene’s underground clubs. The Subwax-head not only pays tribute to these days though but musically takes one back without sounding like he’d just wiped the dust off his synthesizer collection. Therefore Baldo’s Garage Mix comes in as a classic House piece whose elements symphoniously engage with each other and whistle the melody of your weekly club excursion.

Eren Erdol’s A Night Cloud EP will be released on Petra on March 25th, 2022.

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