EXCLUSIVE Sasha Nevolin ‘Dukalis Is On Duty’ [OCV]

OCV is the first collaborative EP from the two befriended labels OPIA Records and Club Vision. Each already having made an impact on the scene with few but well-curated releases the Londoners from OPIA and the Cuneo-based visionaries from Club Vision expand their musical liaison with their common label project OCV after already having had a cooperative event. The first EP, a five tracker from Sasha Nevolin, covers the artist’s creative output from the years 2019 to 2021. Fortunately is not only the name of the EP but also the fact that those tracks finally can see the light of day. Dukalis Is On Duty starts off the package – a track that has a sweet Acid-note, which is accompanied by melo-chords that remain in the background and seem to set a neat balance between a certain calmness and total dance floor madness. Latter is also supported by the track’s lush and driving bass line. There does not seem to be a better way to celebrate a kick-off of a label and common vision than with Sasha Nevolin’s Fortunately EP.

Sasha Nevolin’s EP Fortunately will be released on OCV.

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