EXCLUSIVE Azo ‘The Love Bus’ [Biologic Records]

Forget about the Soul Train when Azo‘s Love Bus hits the electronic music road. Kicking off Biologic Records’ 2022, Brussel-based artist Azo delivers her musical approach to Space Tourism launching four rockets for the dance floor consisting out of three original tracks and a remix from Steffi for the EP’s title track. However, it’s the B2, namely The Love Bus, that not only rounds Azo’s EP off but due to its Acid-line, love-spreading synths in addition to a heavy bass line takes the listener to weightlessly spheres one can dive into letting mind, body and soul wander easily through it until The Love Bus-spaceship lets one come in smoothly.

Azo’s Space Tourism EP will be released on Biologic Records on February 11th, 2022.

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