EXCLUSIVE Lis Sarroca ‘Herr’ [CHIWAX]

Ever busy DJ and producer Lis Sarroca is back with her debut on German House-label CHIWAX, which has been known – just like the artist too – for quality release throughout. The five tracker Booyah is Lis’ follow up her Spaze X release, which marked the first release of her own imprint Maai Records. Again Lis proves why she’s one of the most in-demand producers of current times: musically versatile but still bringing her general melodic vibe through, always having either a classy deep note or a 90s reference in her music and always grooving. All of these feature though can be found on her Booyah EP – skillfully and carefully combined. A pinch of Acid here, a touch of Rave or Breakbeats there and always a formidable amount of House. Latter comes with a and the before mentioned deep tone on the B2 Herr. The deep pads of the track as well as the subtle vocals serve the following Acid-line as a built up, which then, of course, not only clings to those elements but at the same time drags the listeners deeply into the track’s burrow and do not let go until the six minute and 28 seconds lasting journey back into glory times is over.

Lis Sarroca’s Booyah EP was released on CHIWAX on November 17th, 2021.

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