EXCLUSIVE Ben Gomori ‘It’s Just Another Rave’ [FATE AND FICTION]

FATE AND FICTION’s 9th various artist EP is loaded with six tracks that musically vary between House, Deep House, Rave and Techno. Again, the Bristol-based crew rounds its artist rooster up to deliver some pre Christmas heat in form of music to melt away. Ben Gomori, who joined the label as G. Markus. last time, probably delivers the most rave-ish take of the EP as the track title, It’s Just Another Rave, suggests. However, Gomori’s track is not just another rave but a musical approach to remember since the track’s chords brush over the Housey-bass line with a heavy filter-esque break that surely does some harm to the floor it’s played out.

FAFEP009 will be released on FATE AND FICTION on December 10th, 2021

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