EXCLUSIVE Inter Gritty & Exon Banks ‘Yellow’ [RISE NKGP]

Swedish producer Thomas Andersen alias Inter Gritty and artist duo Exon Banks team up for a common release that is musically rooted in the Electronica/ Leftfield field. The four tracker, Yellow, includes the original version of the eponymous EP as well as three remixes from Osch, Nihad Tule and Insolate. However, it’s the original version that claims one’s full attention as Inter Gritty and Exon Banks created a timeless beauty that outlives current trends and influences. Yellow comes in melo but not dramatic, Yellow means colorful nostalgic melancholia in all its manifold pulchritude, with Exon Banks vocals silkily floating over Inter Gritty’s nifty pads and beats creating an autumnal atmosphere one should not fear to dedicate him/herself to as both, instrumental and vocals, take over yourself to obliterate awe and let beauteousness blossom in the back of your mind.

Inter Gritty & Exon Banks’ EP Yellow will be released on RISE NKGP in September, 2021.

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