EXCLUSIVE Takadoum ‘After Sorrow’ [Momo’s Basement]

From Paris with love! Momo’s Basement second catalogue number, namely Keep It Vague, is a remarkable anecdote about electronic music’s best kept secret as Paris based artist Takadoum, once a member of Beat X Changers, takes on the challenge to combine the musical present and past to create four timeless cuts that remain forever. The floating pads support the general spheric motif of the EP’s A2 track After Sorrow, sort of emphasizing the message the track title suggests. A gentle bass line which is doubled in the second part of the track create sa kind of sorrow or disharmonic feeling in the overall shallow seeming track. However, with the perpetuation of track the beforementioned harm cuts its way deeper and deeper into one’s mind before After Sorrow focusses on the time after the sorrow again and unfolds its blossoming beautiful chords over the straight bass line again leading the track to shallow banks.

Takadoum’s EP Keep It Vague will be released on Momo’s Basement.

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