EXCLUSIVE TranscendΔnce ‘Dontbeafraid’ [Exarde]

Moscow-based label Exarde, run by Ottuga, readies the fifth release in its label history which comes from Italian mastermind Riccardo Buccirossi, who delivers a four tracker under his new Trascend∆nce alias. Known for founding Imprints Records and owner of Metropolita, Amazing Stories or Elma Rivaga, Riccardo compiled an EP portraying another club-oriented side of himself with four takes that aim to be played out on the floors around the world. Summed up under the name The Story of Another Me the eclectic artist draws a future of dance music and its underground scene with harmonic, partly beautifully nostalgic encrypted chord sequences that one wished to enjoy back when clubs were open and surely will take over one’s mind when the world and music returns to a life under a blue sky or dark and sweaty clubs. The b1, Dontbeafraid, has a slight electronic/ Italo note as the chords and the resulting sound-sequence pick up this specific vibe. However, the latter mentioned is paired with a vocal, ‘don’t be afraid’, and almost cosmic pads, which enfold its beauty throughout the track and create addictive dancefloor moments one cannot escape from. Dontbeafraid is the anthem we all will wish to be moving to in a future with gatherings of people sharing a similar good taste in music.

TranscendΔnce’s EP The Story of Another Me will be released on Exarde.

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