EXCLUSIVE Fufi.SNC ‘Running Home’ [Slam City Jams]

It’s been a moment since Munich-based and Rhode & Brown run label Slam City Jams celebrated a release, but after a little hiatus SLC takes the shortcut to neighboring Ingolstadt in order to sign four tracks from Fufi.SNC. The four-tracker, Monsterra Mansion, is a musically homage to 90’s Breaks, Rave and (Acid)House-sound with some intercosmic impacts to twirl one around the yet to be opened dancefloors. The b1, Running Home, kicks off fulminantely with its break-beat-bassline enriched with deeply touched chords and a bleepy Acid-line that sound-wise not only adjusts its volume to the other elements but in the course of the track determines the track’s momentum before it results in a short but sweet piano intermezzo. Running Home, as the track title suggests, is coming or hitting close to home, musically and geographically and is one of these tunes you certainly cannot and foremost do not want to avoid when putting your dancing shoes back on.

Fufi.SNC’s EP Monsterra Mansion will be released on Slam City Jams on June 11th, 2021.

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