EXCLUSIVE ardb ‘Every Other Day’ [Swiftness]

Bogdan Ardeleanu also known under his solo artist moniker ardb makes his debut on Romanian vinyl-only label Swiftness Records with an unusual outstanding three tracker that fuses the beauty of several genres and puts them together for some melodic musical timeless madness. Under the name of Unusual Suspect ardb kicks off the EP with Every Other Day, a track with repetitive intriguing pad sequences that lure you into its vibe for some mental marathon and does not let one go until the last beat of it devoured the mind so it’s just you and your body moving distinctly expressive within and throughout the pads and the lead-synth’s chords. If groundhog day feels and sounds like this, then we are in for an infinite loop.

ardb’s EP Unusual Suspect will be released on Swiftness.

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