EXCLUSIVE Garrett David ‘Cruisin Thru’ [We’re Going Deep]

Placid’s We’re Going Deep label is back with its third various artist edition simply going by the name of the label itself. Volume 3 brings together artists and music from Moy, Rekab, Moody Waters and Smart Bar resident Garrett David, who delivers a heartwarming deep (House) cut perfectly made for those moments when the sun sets into the ocean and the blue hour is rung in. Cruisin Thru, the title of Garrett David’s EP contribution, comes in with a satisfying lush bass line which bristles with funky yet deep chord sequences that create an uplifting vibe that can either lead over to monumental peak time moment or keep the momentun with its irresistable groove. However, one implements the take into a set, the crowd will definitely vibe with it.

We’re Going Deep Vol. 3 will be released on We’re Going Deep.

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