EXCLUSIVE Clarinets ‘Knee’ [Funnuvojere]

Turning two this year Massimiliano Pagliara’s Funnuvojere label starts the festivities with Tbilisi artist Clarinets, the new moniker of Gacha Bakradze. His Invisible Path EP, catalogue #8 on the imprint, comes in with four tracks that portray the artist’s aim to create harmonious melodies and resonate with the overall composition and arrangement of the tracks. Provided with a hint of Balearic ease Knee, the third track on the EP, captivates the listener due to its dreamy lead-synth line that carries one through a huge part of the track and sheds a feeling of complacency that is only shortly interrupted as if a little cloud covered the Balearic sun.

Clarinets’ EP Invisible Path will be released on Funnujovere on May 10th, 2021.

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