EXCLUSIVE Juan MacLean ‘Skies Open’ [Hard Fist]

New Yorker Juan MacLean contributes his track Skies Open to Hard Fist‘s second installment of their La Dansa compilation. Known and appreciated for releases on label’s like Will Saul’s Aus Music or Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant and DFA, of course, Juan MacLean musically travels to France to celebrate his first appearance on the French imprint that hits floors like a fist in your face – hard. Skies Open is a driving (dark) disco-esque, partly cosmic and 8-bit freaky track that can be split into two parts. While at first Juan MacLean concentrates on a montonious almost didgeridoo-like repeating chord that is combined with glitchy and wobbling bleeps the track is added a way more blissful note in the second part that kind of seems like a salvation as the listener was heavily involved with the darker and freakier vibe in the beginning. However, it’s this contrast that is intriguing, as if the ‘sky opens up’ to make one see the blue again as it pushes the grey from the clouds aside.

La Danse #2 will be released on Hard Fist on April 22nd, 2021.

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