EXCLUSIVE Shine Grooves ‘Naive Piano’ [Hanagasumi]

Hanagasumi‘s second releases comes from Andrey Kurokhtin under his Shine Grooves moniker, who delivers a six-tracker as beautiful, as blossoming as the label name suggests. The Yekaterinenburg artist and label-head simply wrote six pieces to ring in the meteorologically most promising time of the year in an elaborate and exciting manner. The EP’s second track, Naive Piano, is a homage to the musical beauty of the instrument as Shine Grooves composed and arranged a track that is basically build around a single loop only with few effects added here and there. However, Naive Piano‘s naive simplicity is so strong and powerful that the beauty of the repetitive chords burn themselves into ones perception of ones reality so deeply that it evokes an easiness and happiness in the listener’s mind that you can see the Hanagasumi in front of your inner eye.

Shine Grooves’ EP Hanagasumi 02 was released Hanagasumi on February 19th, 2021.

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