EXCLUSIVE Man/ipulate ’22 Tensions’ [Shin’uchū Records]

Marseille-based producer Vincent Welwert alias Man/ipulate is on board for Shin’uchū‘s third release and delivers a six-tracker called Shinsei that cannot only be described with the word cosmic but comes in with a quality that is out of this world. As the EP title Shinsei, meaning new birth, suggests the artists revitalizes retro sounds and puts them together to spheric and intriguing compositions that have a future retro vibe but cannot be ascribed to a certain period of electronic music, consequently Welwert’s work remains a rather timeless approach to music, one that you can come back to in five, ten or twenty years and it won’t have lost its magic. The EP’s closing track 22 Tensions is probably the most emotional (out of space) ride. With its distinctly and highly addictive lead synth line and a short build-up 22 Tensions soaks the listener into its cosmic groove right away, providing one with a break in like manner to then focus on the beforementioned compelling chords that carry the listener throughout the track. An essential emotional piece of music!

Man/ipulate’s EP Shinsei will be released on Shin’uchū Records in April, 2021.

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