EXCLUSIVE Teakup ‘Buckwheat (The Body Knows)’ [HOMAGE]

What else to do than to sip some sweet tea out of a tea cup? Midwest artist Lauri Reponen delivers a fresh and sassy EP, Sips Tea– or a six tracker that covers the artist’s “knack for crafting irresistibly weird house music.“ After appearing on labels like is / was and Residual Recordings Teakup now sprinkles his musical fairy dust on Brooklyn based label HOMAGE in form of Perlon-esque, wonky and trippy takes aiming to be played out at (living room) dance floors. The EP’s lead track Buckwheat (The Body Knows) starts off with a crispy bass line before spoken vocals are added and piano chords are introduced. While latter remains a key element of the track Teakup adds another additional synth-line with a brighter texture which seems to serve as a counterpart to the darker piano chords. Buckwheat (The Body Knows) continuously grooving interaction comes to the grand finale when Teakup lets the track’s backbone elements deliberately collapse – causing the initially mentioned wonky and trippy moments in the music – and ends the track with the intriguing bass crunchy bass line.

Teakup’s EP Sips Tea will be released on HOMAGE on March 12th, 2021.