EXCLUSIVE CVBox ‘Vio Line’ [Uncanny Valley]

It’s February. It’s cold. It’s time for Uncanny Valley’s first release of 2021 to warm up any Techno head’s heart with legendary yet mysterious artist CVBox. Three years have passed since the artist’s LP So Ist Es Im Nadelwald, which was also out on Uncanny Valley. Now it’s time for some TeqNoTv or four new takes mostly dedicated to the straight four to the floor genre, of course with various nuances like Super 78‘s dubby feel, Total CV‘s dreamy synthline-sequences, On/Off (Autoether)‘s ambivalence of warm chords in a pure Techno-surrounding and the EP’s opener Vio line‘s Acid-line and robotic vocals turning the track to a somehwat futuristic-sounding take that is so precisely arranged and sequenced that it’s sharpnness hefts one right into a dark sweaty club evoking picture of an a crowd dancing on the a razor’s edge.

CVBox’s EP TeqNoTv will be released on Uncanny Valley on February 17th, 2021.

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