TOP50 of 2020

As 2020 comes to an end the Torture the Artist team sat down together to compile the end of the year chart that represents, of course, a personal preferences and what the site and its members musically stand for. So here’s the top50 of 2020 heavily discussed and carefully chosen.

  1. Leafar Legov ‘In Your Mirror‘ [Giegling]
  2. Kev Sheridan ‘It‘s Gonna Be Perfect (Map.ache Until the End of Day Mix)’ [maeve]
  3. Roman Flügel ‘Garden Party’ [Running Back]
  4. Ghostwhip ‘10:56 PM‘ [Filament]
  5. Matisa ‘I Need A Bit Of Poetry‘ [Biologic Records]
  6. RSS Disco ‘Lunar Fling (Das Komplex Remix)’ [Mireia]
  7. Octo Octa ‘Goddess Calling’ [T4T LUV NRG]
  8. David Kochs ‘Pop Shock ‘Baril Remix)‘ [Intercept]
  9. Brother Nebula ‘The Physical World‘ [Legwork]
  10. Anz ‘Loos In Twos (NRG)‘ [Hessle Audio]
  11. Dave Aju ‘Ciao Sun’ [mule musiq]
  12. Fort Romeau ‘The Wind As It Took Her‘ [Permanent Vacation]
  13. Alex Kassian ‘Oolong Trance (Club Mix)‘ [Love On The Rocks]
  14. Charles Webster ft. Ingrid Chavez ‘The Spell (Burial Mix)‘ [Dimensions]
  15. Aroent ‘Quirky Chance’ [Akwardly Social]
  16. Benjamin Fröhlich ‘Tivoli (Johannes Albert Remix)‘ [Permanent Vacation]
  17. Bella Boo ‘Stars (Kornél Kovács Remix)‘ [Studio Barnhus]
  18. Justin Cudmore ‘Train Dance‘ [Phonica White]
  19. Reznik & Mikesh ‘The Moon Landing Was A Hoax (Each Other Remix by Justin Strauss & Max Pask)’ [2MR]
  20. Sigward ‘Balmung Beam‘ [Something Happening Somewhere]
  21. Robag Wruhme ‘Calma Calma‘ [Speicher]
  22. Four Tet ‘Baby’ [Text Records]
  23. Cuthead ‘Party Chords‘ [Uncanny Valley]
  24. Secretsundaze ‘Over The Edge’ [Secretsundaze]
  25. Ikonika ‘Hollow‘ [Hyperdub]
  26. Jules Etienne ‘Triangle Des Bermudas (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)‘ [CockTail d’Amore]
  27. Moodymann ‘1988‘ [Rockstar Games]
  28. DJ Fett Burger ‘This Game, The World‘ [Mongo Fett]
  29. COMA ‘Spiracles (Panthera Krause Remix)‘ [City Slang]
  30. Omar S ‘Gonna Luv You‘ [FXHE Records]
  31. Damiano von Erckert ‘Let’s Hide Away‘ [Live At Robert Johnson]
  32. Rubini ‘The Man From The Sea’ [Degustibus]
  33. Pearson Sound ‘Everything Is Inside Out‘ [Hessle Audio]
  34. Dorisburg ‘House Organ For The Lonely‘ [Phonica]
  35. Tornado Wallace ‘Midnight Mania‘ [Optimo]
  36. Arandel ‘Bodyline (Eris Drew Jeep Beets Lullaby)‘ [InFiné]
  37. Orsery ‘All Eyes On You‘ [Slowciety]
  38. Juan MacLan ‘Manthony‘ [Correspondant]
  39. New World ‘Poeme‘ [Riotvan]
  40. Wolves Bay ‘Stigmatized‘ [maeve]
  41. Bell-Towers ‘Another Lonely Night In My House‘ [lp editions]
  42. Shari Vari ‘Now (Fantastic Twins Remix)‘ [Multi Culti]
  43. John Talabot ‘Hivernoid‘ [Hivern Discs]
  44. Wraetlic ‘The Lost (V Remix)‘ [BELTERS]
  45. Farren Laen ‘A Word Spoken‘ [Laen Disc]
  46. Far Out Radio Systems ‘Skies‘ [Something Happening Somewhere]
  47. Solitary Dancer ‘U.N.I.T.Y‘ [Private Possessions]
  48. Axel Boman ‘Eyes Of My Mind‘ [Studio Barnhus]
  49. Pale Blue ‘Silver Tears (Monty Luke Remix)‘ [2MR]
  50. XDB ‘Desert Night‘ [Dial]

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