EXCLUSIVE Ian Blevins ‘The Lobster Who Was Criminally Insane (Discodromo Remix)’ [Not An Animal]

It’s been a moment when British artist Ian Blevins entered the electronic music circus, and what’s a better way than doing so with or at an iconic event like ‘We Love…’ at Space. In terms of releases Ian put qualitiy over quantity and has chosen labels such as ESP Institute, Futureboogie or Not An Animal to be the home port of his music. On later label he’s already put out his The Birds EP in 2017 and now delivers the brutish follow-up, namely The Lobster Who Was Criminally Insane. Containing out of five tracks, the EP comes with two original versions, respectively The Lobster Who Was Criminally Insane and Air Penguin, with both tracks getting the remix treatmenr from Chida, who reworked Air Penguin, and Discodromo putting their hands on the EP’s title track, which also comes with a beatless version and marks the fifth track on the EP. However, Giacomo Garavelloni and Giovanni Turco alias Discodromo and known for running the CockTail d’Amore label and events, add their Discodromo-note to the original, meaning the double G’s stripped down the original and added a percussive flavor to it, which culminates when chords and percussions sweetly intertwine.

Ian Blevin’s EP The Lobster Who Was Criminally Insane will be released on Not An Animal on December 4th, 2020.

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