EXCLUSIVE The Robinson ‘Burnout’ [Futureboogie]

After having made their Futureboogie debut on Summer Riot IX EP a few weeks back, Milan-based artist duo and siblings The Robinson release their first EP, Nightmares, on the label. Latter comes with altogether four tracks, and while Matrixand Nightmares come as standalone takes, the deep and melodic composition of Burnout is also remixed by legendary Ron Trent. However, it’s the orginal tracks that attracts the attention of any listener as its delicate arrangement of sounds creates a housey vibe that not only is in its overall composition irresistable but the elements themselves are coherent. The outcome is a track that adds value to any DJ-set most likely bringing back those nostalgic yet not coated with dust feelings any club-goer or music enthusiast would be eager to experience on a dance floor these days.

The Robinson’s EP Nightmares will be released on Futureboogie on November 20th, 2020.

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